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Volume 6
Issue 2
Online publication date 2011-04-04
Title Ultrasound densitometry in the diagnostic of osteopenic syndrome in children with chronic lung diseases
Author Olya Sharipova
Abstract According to the modern imaginations chronic lung disease (CLD) in children is the significant risk factor of the development of bone formation disorders. 194 children at the age 10-16 years old with chronic pneumonia and chronic bronchitis were included to the investigation. The study examines the features of structural and functional condition of the bone tissue with taking into account the degree of duration severity of chronic lung diseases in children. It suggests that osteopenic syndrome in children with CLD is a constant companion of the duration of pathological process. The index of the bone strength has the significant relationship with the severity of the disease. The use of the modern noninvasive technologies can allow studying with the high accuracy the condition of the bone tissue in patients with CLD
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Keywords Osteopenic syndrome, chronic lung diseases, children
Pages 68-70
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