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Volume 6
Issue 2
Online publication date 2011-04-04
Title Drug resistant form of tuberculosis in penitentiary system of Kazakhstan in 2008-2009
Author Tleukhan Abildaev, Klara Baimukhanova, Aygul Tursynbaeva, Saule Usembaeva, Gulnaz Mussabekova, Lyubov Kartashova, Bibigul Tayshieva

This paper presents the results of comparative analysis of data of epidemiological surveillance of drug resistant tuberculosis (TB) in civil and penitentiary system of public health in Kazakhstan during 2008-2009. The authors intended to clarify main priorities in detection and diagnostics of TB with multidrug resistance in penitentiary settings.

As a result of the study, the practical recommendations are suggested such as developing bacteriological service, performing relevant investigation of patients before treatment using drug sensitivity testing (DST), organizing proper treatment of patients in settings of criminal executive system considering the DST results.
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Keywords TB in penitentiary system, multidrug resistant tuberculosis, electronic tracking system
Pages 71-74
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