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Volume 6
Issue 2
Online publication date 2011-04-04
Title Management of maxillary alveolar process fractures
Author Shukhrat Boymuradov
Abstract Incidence of maxillofacial traumas is reported steadily increasing, maxillary fractures being extremely severe. Maxillary alveolar process (AP) and front teeth are traumatized more frequently than any other parts of the maxilla. Deprivation of teeth and AP post-traumatic flaw as well as loss of alveolar height not only create a cosmetic defect but also complicate subsequent prosthetics of the patients. The work was initiated to assess efficacy of “CollapAn L” in comparison with a combination of “Osteon”, osteoplastic material, and “Colla Guide” resorbable membrane in prevention of AP post-traumatic flaws and deformities. 60 patients aged from 16 to 47 with the comminuted fractures of maxillary AP emergently hospitalized were examined and treated. The findings showed that combination of “Osteon” and “Colla Guide” resorbable membrane is the one to increase efficacy of the treatment, facilitating preservation of and alveolar crest height and shape. In addition, preservation of bone tissue mineralization helps avoid risk of the bone wound inflammatory morbidity. 
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Keywords Fracture, maxillary alveolar process, xenotransplant, resorbable membrane, osteoplastic material
Pages 105-107
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