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Volume 6
Issue 2
Online publication date 2011-04-04
Title Surgical correction of the scoliosis complicated by the myelosyringosis (case from the practice)
Author Fathulla Umarhodzhaev, Abdukamol Ganiev, Ganibek Salamatov
Abstract The paper suggests a case of radical correction scoliosis complicated with syringomyelia. They were expounded stages operative treatment of spine without using neurosurgical methods of  CNS decompression.  The study concludes that at absence of pronounced disturbances of the motor sphere  in the initial neurologic status of the patients, and in the absence of stable deterioration in the neurologic status under carrying out of traction tests, realization of surgical scoliosis correction becomes possible without carrying out neurosurgical decompression operations.
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Keywords Surgical correction, scoliosis, myelosyringosis
Pages 108-111
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