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Volume 6
Issue 2
Online publication date 2011-04-04
Title Methods of diagnosis and optimal knee joint recurvation correction in children with cerebral palsy
Author Shakhob Khamroev, Farkhod Khamraev, Anvar Mirzaev, Alisher Akhmedov
Abstract Knee joint recurvation is among motor disorders in patient with infantile cerebral paralysis (ICP). The work was initiated to define methods for diagnosis and correction of knee joint recurvation in 23 patients with ICP. Knee joint recurvation in the infantile cerebral paralysis can arise either from weakness of tendo-ligamentous component of the segment or due to pathological contractures in the adjacent lower extremity’s joints. The suggested method to diagnose knee joint recurvation is expedient in determination of mechanisms of deformity development and its differentiation primacy. Analysis of orthopedic and surgical methods of management demonstrated their efficacy and necessity of their timely performance with recurvation variants and the deformity severity taken into account.
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Keywords Equinovarus, infantile cerebral paralysis, knee joint recurvation
Pages 115-117
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