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Volume 8
Issue 4
Online publication date 2011-07-29
Title Direct efficiency of different modes of scheme “paclitaxel Caelyx” in the treatment of patients having inflammatory breast cancer
Author Suriya Yessentayeva, Nino Chichua, A. Khozhayev, Zhanna Mussakhanova, Ramil Abdrakhmanov, Bakir Kozhakhmetov, Gulnar Tleugabilova, Roza Abdulakhanova, Yu. Starchenko, K. Niyazbekova
Abstract Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) with a poor prognosis occurs in 1-5% of patients with breast cancer. Combination of Paclitaxel  and Caelyx were applied for 42 patients with IBC with the use of 2 regimens. Paclitaxel  - 135 mg/m² 1 day, Caelyx  40 mg/m² 1day within a cycle of 3 weeks (21 sick women); the weekly regimen has a scheme: 60 mg/m² on 1st, 8th and15th days and Caelyx - 25 mg/m² on 1st, 8th days within a cycle of 4 weeks (21 sick women). The final analysis of the effectiveness of 2 chemotherapy regimens showed that an objective impact was reached in 85.7% (18/21) in the group of weekly insertion of the drugs by the end of the research; and in the group of routine chemotherapy it was 52.4% (11/21). Though general results are satisfactory in both 2 regimens of the chemotherapy, the weekly insertion of the drugs let to decrease a hematologic toxicity of 3-4 degree in 2.5-3 times and a frequency of LPS in 10 times.
Cristofanilli, M., Valero, V., Buzdar, A.U. et al., 2006. “Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC): Patterns of recurrence and micrometastatic homing,” Breast Cancer Res. Treat., Vol.100 (Suppl 1), p.155 

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Keywords Inflammatory breast cancer, chemotherapy, paclitaxel, cael
Pages 9-15
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