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Volume 8
Issue 4
Online publication date 2011-07-29
Title Growth and development of children with HIV/AIDS
Author Olga Kim
Abstract There were observed 241 HIV-infected children. Indexes of children’s physical development (PD) such as weight-to-growth, height-for-age, weight-for-age, and BMI-for-age were studied, depending on the age (less than 12 months, 12-35 and 36-59 month-old children), stage of disease, immunosuppression severity and HIV replication activity. It was revealed that PD indexes of children less than 12 months may not be used as predictors of HIV severity and progression rate. Adequate prognosis in regard of severity and progression rate according to PD indexes is possible only in children older than 1 year old.
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Keywords Human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, physical development, children
Pages 16-20
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