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Volume 8
Issue 4
Online publication date 2011-07-29
Title Influence of immunomodulation on the first stage of antigen specific response to herpes vaccine in experiment
Author Maria Omarova, Boris Karalnik, Tatyana Denisova, Altai Kalymbetov
Abstract The influence of immunomodulation on dynamics of early antigen specific response (antigen binding lymphocytes - ABL) was studied in the experiment with rabbits immunization by herpes vaccine. Acceleration of appearance and disappearance of ABL after one-time immunization with herpes vaccine by introduction of licensed preparations of interleukin-1, interleukin-2, polyoxidonium and interferon inductor bacterial was revealed.
Deryabin, P., Karalnik, B., Sultanbaev, T., 1993. Immunodiagnosis of pyoinflammatory and septic diseases [Immunodiagnostika gnojno-vospalitelnih i septicheskih zabolevaniy], in Russian, Almaty

Karalnik, B., Denisova, T., Slavko, E., Kalymbetov, A., Tuganbaev, T., 2010. “Experimental evaluation of the influence of immunomodulation on the dynamics of lymphocyte antigen (ABL) and antibodies to them,” Family health in the XXI century. Papers of the XIY Intern. Sci. Conference, Rimini - Perm, P.1, pp.202-205

Karalnik, B., Deryabin, P., 1999. “Antigen binding lymphocytes in diagnostics of actual infections,” Materials of the 1 National Congress “Clinical Immunology, Allergology andimmunorehabilitation,” in Russian, Almaty, p.22

Karalnik, B., Tsarevskij, J., 1974. “Enterobacterial lipopolysaccharides test as indicators of blocking the erythrocyte surface proteins” Journal “Current Issues of Epidemiology and Prevention of Intestinal and Droplet Infections” [Jurnal Aktual'nye voprosy epidemiologii i profilaktiki kishechnyh i kapel'nyh infekcii] in Russian, pp.283-286

Keywords Immune modulation, early immune response, herpes vaccine, experiment
Pages 21-26
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