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Volume 8
Issue 4
Online publication date 2011-07-29
Title Reconstructive-plastic operations on uterus within the fertility recovery problem
Author Zaur Karimov, Malika Khusankhodjaeva, Bulat Abdikulov
Abstract The paper deals with the problem of recovery of fertility with young women with hysteromyoma. For choosing the method of conservative myomectomy, it is justified the reasonability of division of patients into groups, according to the degree of surgical complexity for carrying out an operation and the possibility of subsequent pregnancy: low, medium and high. The prospective research was done with 83 patients of high complexity with sterility and noncarrying of pregnancy caused with semeiotic hysteromyoma, who had conservative myomectomy done in the traditional open way. As a result of the carried out operation, the fertility has been recovered with 35 (42.2%) females out of 83, by now. At that, 25 pregnant females were able to bear at full term. 4 females aborted at terms of gestation of 8-26 weeks, while the rest of 6 fell out of monitoring. Recurrent tumor has been noted in 2 (2.4%) cases, among those in 1 case (1.2%) it was established the rapid growth of multiple myomatous nodes.   
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Keywords Gynecology, hysteromyoma, conservative myomectomy
Pages 32-40
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