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Volume 8
Issue 4
Online publication date 2011-07-29
Title Initial ultrastructural changes of the menisci in the knee joint after rupture of the collateral ligaments - Experimental study
Author Manol Kalniev
Abstract It is known that the dismemberment of the collateral ligaments is one of the most frequent traumas in footballers, skiers and other sportsmen. Our results showed that the first changes in the menisci are occurred in the parameniscal zone. These changes are developed by the 10 day of the operation. Later we observed the changes in the superficial sliding zone of the medial meniscus. We emphasized the fact that these changes begin in the parameniscal zone of the menisci. After the other types of soft tissue traumas in the knee they begin in the superficial sliding zone. After immobilization and regular treatment the results are not always good. The rupture of the collateral ligaments almost always follows to the biomechanical discomfort in the knee and after that, degenerative changes in the menisci begin.
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Keywords Degenerative changes, knee joint menisci, collateral ligaments
Pages 59-63
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