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Volume 8
Issue 4
Online publication date 2011-07-29
Title Radiological diagnostic methods of soft-tissue components in the spinal canal forming lumbar stenosis
Author Otabek Ablyazov
Abstract The modern categorization defines the different forms of lumbar part spine stenosis, coming from anatomical and pathological of the principle. One of the varieties is a central lumbar stenosis. Compression of medulla spinalis occurs due to reduction of sizes of the spine central cannel caused either by osseous structure or soft-tissue of the spine canal. All soft-tissue components of the spinal canal can form stenos including defeat of intervertebral disk (the hernia of the disk). This work studies efficiency of X-ray (at 33 patients) and MRI (at 92 patients) methods in diagnostics of the hernia of the disk that participates in forming lumbar part spine stenosis.

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Keywords Radiology: X-ray, CT and MRI, intracanal ligament device, lumbar spinal stenosis
Pages 64-67
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