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Volume 8
Issue 4
Online publication date 2011-07-29
Title The study of Escherichia coli interferon-producing ability
Author Daniyar Aspetov, Maria Omarova, Lyazat Orakbay, Bayan Zhumatova, Assia Kenjebayeva, Nurgul Shaketova
Abstract The work provides experimental research of bacteria Escherichia coli interferon producing ability. The dynamic accumulation of interferon in growing cells and organ cultures of mice was studied. It is shown that introduction Escherichia coli in the serum and organ cells of mice causes formation of endogenous interferon which is capable to protect of mice from a lethal virus infection. Experiments were undertaken for the purpose of expansion of a spectrum of studies on immunological mechanism development during the interaction with bacteria and viruses and for data acquisition about interferon reactions of organism in response to action intestinal of bacteria Escherichia coli.
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Keywords Interferon, Escherichia coli, cells cultures, organ cultures
Pages 96-101
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