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Volume 9
Issue 5
Online publication date 2011-11-05
Title Biochemical standardization of tortezin, a novel immunostimulator from the tortoise blood cells
Author Nigora Tagayalieva, Michele Dalgalarrondo, Yvan Choiset, Vitaliy Aleksandrov, Elmira Nazirova, Marina Fomina, Nargiza Tushakova, Thomas Haertlé
Abstract Objective: The biochemical characterization of the substances presented in the new haemo- and immuno stimulating preparation Tortezin from the blood cells of the Central Asian tortoise. Materials and Methods: Tortezin substances  manufactured in 2006-2010 were examined by electrophoresis, spectroscopy and RP-HPLC. Results: In UV spectra of Tortezin aqueous solution the pronounced maximum was at 218 ± 1.2 nm and mild spike at 280 ± 3.2 nm; in fluorescence emission spectra upon excitation with wavelength at 280 nm peak emission maximum was 460 ± 38 nm and  at 295 nm was 455 ± 21 nm. The RP-HPLC profile and SDS 10% PAGE showed the presence of repetitive typical peaks in different samples. Conclusion: The different methods are to be recommended for standardization of Tortezin.
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Keywords Standardization, tortoise, blood, Tortezin
Pages 2-8
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