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Volume 9
Issue 5
Online publication date 2011-11-05
Title Myomectomy in the pregnant
Author Zaur Karimov, Malika Khusankhodjaeva, Bulat Abdikulov
Abstract It has been done a research with 28 pregnant females in various terms, with hysteromyoma, who had conservative myomectomy done. The indications for the operation were: incurable threat of abortion, rapid growth, trophopathy, necrosis of myoma, desired pregnancy. This kind of intervention is characterized as the last reserve for maintenance of pregnancy. The pregnancy was terminated at various terms with 4 (14.3%) patients while the rest were able to bear at full term and the delivery was done through Caesarian section. There was no forced hysterectomy in either case and there was not uncontrolled bleeding, intraoperatively.            
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Keywords Hysteromyoma, pregnancy, conservative myomectomy
Pages 38-46
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