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Volume 9
Issue 5
Online publication date 2011-11-05
Title Multiple Burkit's small bowel lymphoma complicated by acute intestinal obstruction (a clinical case report and review of publications)
Author Boyko Koroukov
Small bowel lymphoma is a comparatively rare disease. Usually no typical nor explicit symptoms are determined during its course and the first manifestation can be noticed when a complication occurs. 
We report a case of a 40 year old man, operated on for acute obstruction of small bowel. Intraoperatively 17 tumor formations were found along the small bowel, d 3 to 5 cm, some of which had caused almost tight obstruction of the small bowel lumen. In addition, small bowel invagination was determined in 3 places. A subtotal resection of the small bowel was performed followed by a smooth postoperative period and then chemoterapy after the patient was discharged from the surgery.

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Keywords Burkitt's lymphoma, small intestine, intussusception, obstruction
Pages 77-82
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