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Volume 1
Issue 1
Title Assessing current quality management system in enterprises prior to implementing the quality management system based on HACCP
Author Kayrat Mukhamedzhanov, Asiya Serikbaeva, Lyaylya Bupebaeva
Abstract The objective of this research paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of the current quality management system in companies prior to implementing the quality management system based on HACCP. This is a part of the first phase of the development of software for quality control of food products based on the principles of HACCP.
References Health Rules 1.1.1058-2001 Organization of Production enforcement of sanitary regulations and the implementation of sanitary epidemiological (preventive) measures [Organizaciya i provedenie proizvodstvennogo kontrolya za soblyudeniem sanitarnyh pravil i vypolneniem sanitarno-protivoepidemicheskih (profilakticheskih) meropriyatiy], in Russian, Russian Ministry of Health, Moscow

Musaev, A., Nikitin, V., 2005. “Assessing the Quality Control Processes based on Multivariate Statistical Process Control,” Standards and Quality  [Standarty i kachestvo], in Russian, No.12, pp.38-45

ST TOO 39476196-01-2008 Standard Organization “Bioshubat of camel milk” [Bioshubat iz verblyuzhego moloka], in Russian

TC RB 4.2-P-08-2002 Recommendations for the composition and content of the documented procedures of the quality management system, the organization and procedure development [Rekomendacii po sostavu i soderzhaniyu dokumentirovannyh procedur sistemy menedzhmenta kachestva, organizacii i poryadku razrabotki],  National Technical Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Certification of the Council of Ministers
Keywords HACCP, quality management system, camel milk, software
Pages 131-132
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