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Volume 1
Issue 1
Title Experience of implementation of independent examination of medical schools graduates in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Author Bagdat Imasheva, Nurgul Khamzina, Almagul Kauysheva, Arman Kussainova
Abstract Over the long period, graduate knowledge assessment has been carried out by the educational organizations themselves, i.e. by higher educational institutions (HEI), and mechanisms of external quality control did not exist. Such a system of assessment excluded objectivity in quality assessment of graduates’ training. In the Republic of Kazakhstan, pilot-implementation of independent examination of internship students within all the specialties (general medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, general medical practice, pediatrics, pediatric surgery, stomatology) has been started since 2010 and since 2011 this procedure has been carried out with residency students as well. The article presents the overview of the first experience in the conduct of independent examination of graduates’ knowledge of the medical higher educational institutions across Kazakhstan. Analysis of the computer-based testing results has revealed improvements in the academic performance of the internship and residency students’ in addition to enhanced sense of responsibility by faculty’s teaching staff. Therefore, independent examination can be considered as a basis for further development of external assessment of academic performance in medical education.
References Akanov, A., Khamzina, N., Yessenzhanova, G.,  Akhmetov, V., 2010. The Medical Education in the USA: Experience for Kazakhstan [Medicinskoe obrazovanie v SShA: Opyt dlya Kazahstana], in Russian, (second edition), Almaty State Program for Development of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 (approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 07.12.2010 No.1118) [Gosudarstvennaya programma razvitiya obrazovaniya Respubliki Kazahstan na 2011-2020 gody], in Russian

State Program for Development of Health Care of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Salamatty Kazakhstan (Healthy Kazakhstan)” for 2011-2015 [Gosudarstvennaya programma razvitiya zdravoohraneniya Respubliki Kazahstan “Salamatty Kazakhstan” na 2011-2015 gody], in Russian

Concept for Development of Medical and Pharmaceutical Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2015 (approved by the order of the acting Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 12.08.2011 No.534) [Koncepciya razvitiya medicinskogo i farmacevticheskogo obrazovaniya Respubliki Kazahstan na 2011-2015 gody], in Russian

Keywords Independent assessment, graduates, medical higher educational establishments
Pages 94-98
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