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Volume 1
Issue 1
Title Effect of pesticide decis on the levels of nucleic acids and protein in the animals under condition of air high temperature, and their regulation with complex of bioactivators
Author Mukaddas Khamrakulova
Abstract There are data about changes of membrane digestion as a result of various disorders of synthesis and translocation of the enzymes on the mucosal surface under effect of some harmful chemical and physical factors.
The purpose of investigation was to study the effect of pesticides from group of pyrethroids (for example decis) on the enzymatic function in the homogenate of the mucosal membrane of the proximal and distal segments of the small intestine.
Determination of the degree of the activity of hydrolytic enzymes in the homogenates of some parts of the intestine allowed to show effect of pesticide decis on the gradient of distribution of enzymatic activity along the intestine.
For characteristic of the enzymatic activity of the small intestine there was performed study of the activity of dipeptidase, amylase, invertase and alkaline phosphatase in the homogenate of the mucosal membrane from proximal and distal parts in multiple effects of pesticide decis in toxic dose (1/20 LD50  ) during 4 months.
Changes of the enzymatic activity in acute poisoning were depended on the time of pesticide exposure and site of the bowel.
The different digestive enzymes have different response to effect of pesticides of pyrethroid group (decis), there are differences in the reactions of proximal and distal part of the small intestine and there is correlation between changes of activity of the majority hydrolases and administered dose of pesticides.

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Keywords Small intestine, enzymes activity, dipeptidase, amylase, invertase, alkaline phosphatase, pesticide Decis
Pages 104-108
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