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Volume 1
Issue 1
Title Factors and conditions of innovative development Republics Uzbekistan
Author Kamila Khodjaeva
Abstract In this article the analysis of innovative potential of the Republic is made; laws, tendencies, and prospects of development of scientific-technological sphere in the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan are presented; principles and prospects of forming and developing national innovative system are certain. Conclusions, recommendations, and offers are stated in the article and they can be employed for the development of effective policy intended to create favorable institutional conditions of realizing an innovative activity; reforming public sector of science, and increasing the level of commercialization of domestic science development, stimulation of activity of the small innovative enterprises.

References Golichenko, O., 2005. Problems and factors of development of science and innovation in Russia, Information Society [Informacionnoe obshhestvo], in Russian, No.5, pp.8-16

Innovative development. Economy, intellectual resources, management of knowledge [Innovacionnoe razvitie. Ekonomika, intellektualnye resursy, upravlenie znaniyami], in Russian, Moscow: Infra-M
Innovation Union Scoreboard 2010.The Innovation Union's performance scoreboard for Research and Innovation. - European Commission, 2011

Selimhanov, S., 2008. “Influence of indicators of innovative activity on industrial production in regions NKFD,” III Russian Student Electronic Scientific Conference “Student Science Forum” [III Obsherossiyskaya studencheskaya elektronnaya nauchnaya konferenciya “Studencheskiy nauchnyj forum”], in Russian

State Statistics Committee, 2011. The basic indicators of scientific and technical potential and innovations in Republic Uzbekistan in 2011 [Goskomstat  RUz. Osnovnye pokazateli nauchno-tehnicheskogo potenciala i innovaciy v Respublike Uzbekistan v 2011], in Russian, Tashkent
Keywords Globalization, innovation, innovative development, national innovative system, factors of innovative development, scientifically technological sphere
Pages 39-47
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