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Volume 1
Issue 1
Title Selection of lactic acid bacteria and yeast for koumiss starter and its impact on quality of koumiss
Author Zubaira Kozhakhmetova, Gulmira Kasenova
The objective of current research is to determine the optimal composition of the yeast cultures consisting of Lactobacillus acidophilus, strain 74/17 Streptococcus lactis, strain 31/11 Torulopsis sphaerica, strain 117k, which facilitates intensive fermentation of horse milk and improves the quality of the product.

References Duysembaev, K., Seytov, Z., Khasenova, Z., Cherepanov, A., Belokobylenko, V., 1979. Koumiss and Shubat [Koumiss i shubat], in Russian, Alma-Ata

Shigaeva, M., Ospanova, M., 1983. Microflora National Milk Beverages  [Mikroflora nacionalnyh kislomolochnyh napitkov], in Russian, Alma-Ata: Nauka

Zhilin, M., 1960 “Antibiotic Properties of Yeast Koumiss,” In.: Proceedings of the conference on one horse breeding and dairy koumissodeliyu [Trudy konferencii po molochnomu konevodstvu i koumissodeliyu], in Russian, Moscow, pp.162-74
Keywords Koumiss, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, sourdough, strain
Pages 113-117
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