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Volume 1
Issue 1
Title Electronic resources on the statistical functions of the program excel
Author Aghamehdi Mehdialiyev
Abstract In this report the functions of MICROSOFT EXCEL have been considered with its indispensable role being highlighted. Statistical functions are grouped on the functional proximity and purpose. In each slide created by the author, there are links to the slides of other functions in the same group. In most examples a solution was found through two ways, i.e. by "manual" way and using EXCEL, which allows the user to understand better the essence of the considered function.
References Mehdialiyev, A.,  Aslanzade, N., 2008. Add-in functions EXCEL [Vstroennye funkcii EXCEL], in Russian, Baku

Mehdialiyev, A., 2010. Statistical functions [Statistik funksiyalar], in Azerbaijan, Baku

Mehdialiyev, A., 2011a. “Some mathematical properties of statistical functions EXCEL,” Electronic resources in continuing education (“Erno-2011”): Proceedings of the II International scientific-methodological symposium [Mezhdunarodnyj nauchno-metodicheskiy simpozium “Jelektronnye resursy v nepreryvnom obrazovanii” (“ERNO-2011”): Trudy II Mezhdunarodnogo nauchno-metodicheskogo simpoziuma], in Russian, 18-21 September, Anapa, Rostov-na-Donu, pp.85-87

Mehdialiyev, A., 2011b. “About of an experience of the teaching Statistics by using EXCEL,” 5th  International Conference on Application of information and communication technologies [5-ya Mezhdunarodnaya konferenciya po ispolzovaniyu informacionno-kommunikacionnyh tehnologiy], in Russian, 12-14 October,  Baku, pp.288-93

Mehdialiyev, A., 2012. Statistical functions of Excel

Keywords Statistics, statistical analysis, statistical functions
Pages 99-103
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