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Volume 1
Issue 1
Title Storage features of Lactobacillus Brevis strain 9
Author Utemurat Sagyndykov, Zubaira Kozhakhmetova, Gulmira Kasenova
Abstract Current article presents the results of the research conducted on storing lactic bacteria. On the basis of results of experiments on liophilization of the culture of lactic bacteria Lactobacillus brevis strain №9, it has been concluded that the optimum way of storing the given culture is the method of liophilic drying with the vacuum soldering.
References Sagyndykov, U., Dudikova, G., 2009. “Taking lactic acid products from camel`s milk with yeasts composition,” Scientific manufactured conference (10th April), in Kazakh, Shymkent, pp.107-108

Sagyndykov, U., Dudikova, G., 2011. “Development of rules for the lyophilization of lactic acid bacteria for starter,” KazNu after al-Farabi “Xabarshy”, in Kazakh, No.2(48), pp.118-120
Keywords Lactobacillus brevis strain 9, microorganisms
Pages 129-130
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