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Volume 1
Issue 1
Title National innovation systems: Institutional changes
Author Karel Muller
Abstract The aim of the paper is to discuss changing institutional framework of infrastructure for the support of innovation and contribute the assessment of its impact on innovation performance. Theoretical framework refers to systemic analysis of innovation based fields in the macro-format of national states as well as in meso- and micro-levels of their institutional setting. The article demonstrates application of method of institutional analysis which makes use of sociological and historical studies of modern institutions together with the use of the internationally comparable statistical databases on innovation resources as well as their efficiency. Both the theoretical and the empirical analysis of infrastructure for support of innovation in EU countries has been used to propose the typology of innovation performance, and its evolutionary dimension. The proposed typology has been applied to assess institutional changes of infrastructure for support of innovation in the Czech Republic.
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Keywords Innovation, national innovation system, infrastructure for support of innovation, institution, institutional cluster of modernity, institutional change
Pages 48-59
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