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Volume 2
Issue 1
Online publication date 2013-08-15
Title The vocation of the university and the anti-reason of bureaucracy. On the negative aspects of the internationalization of higher education in Poland
Author Piotr Nowak
Abstract The fear of tutors and teachers, conformism of students, at last - indifference and apathy of their parents - these are side effects of contemporary changes in education. In his essay Piotr Nowak searches for the sources of these negative phenomena. One of them is enormous hypertrophy of bureaucracy at universities and a new language it addresses to the people of knowledge; another - mass culture, egalitarianism, and industrialization of the University.
Keywords Teachers, conformism, students, parents, education, bureaucracy, new language, lack of knowledge, mass culture, egalitarianism, industrialization of the University
Pages 16-18
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