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Volume 2
Issue 1
Online publication date 2013-08-15
Title Internationalization of education system of Kazakhstan in conditions of transformation: Evaluating concepts, challenges and strategies
Author Aislu Tassimova
Abstract Current objective of Kazakhstan in the sphere of education is to join to the arena of international education and to align goals and strategies of educational policy with those of the countries of Eurasian community. National educational systems that take leading roles in the international comparative studies represent a great interest in international practice. President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev set the task of exchanging scientific personnel and training of intellectually gifted young people at prestigious universities abroad. Particular attention was paid to inclusive educational policies, processes of identification and assessment, to overall policy co-ordination for the provision of education services, to integration in mainstream education, as well as to good practices and to the role of NGOs and donor community. 
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Keywords Socialinstitutions, globalsystem, the Institute of Education, higher education, the Bologna Process, International Scholarship "Bolashak”, educational priorities, levels of lifelong learning, educationalsystem, the international educational space
Pages 99-105
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