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Volume 2
Issue 2
Title Physical prerequisites for formation of active centers of nanosize particles
Author Valery Liopo
Abstract The features of the energy state of the surface of the crystal and the electronic states in the surface layers of conjugated metal particles are analyzed. Fermi levels’ changes in the contacts metal surfaces are given. Calculations of the statistical distribution of electrical charges on nanoparticles are performed. It is shown that in the presence of excess charge, even equal to elementary one, the modifying activity on modifier nanoparticle is quite high. The emergence of such charges in metals is conditioned by the difference of Fermi levels in the contact faces of the crystallites. Electric charges in the dielectric nanoparticles are present due to the barrier effect which is caused by the uneven transitions of charge carriers at the surface of the juvenile. The emergence of electrically charged particles is explained by the statistical distribution of charges while obtaining nanoparticles both “from above” (by dispersion) and “from below” (by growing). Obviously, in real situations, the emergence of the electric charge of nanoparticles may be caused by the combination of the mentioned physical mechanisms.  
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Keywords Charge centers, nanoparticle, metals, dielectrics, Fermi level, crystallite, excess charge, juvenile surface
Pages 29-42
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