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Volume 2
Issue 2
Title Thin film nanophase and nanocomposite fluorine-containing wear inhibitors
Author Yauheni Auchynnikau
The paper examines features of the morphology and structure of thin films based on fluorine-containing oligomers modified by nanoparticles of different composition and obtaining technology. A classification of nanophase and nanocomposite thin film coatings is proposed.
The oligomeric fluorine-containing components by using mortar technology develop thin-film coatings, comprising a quasi-crystalline nanophases in oligomeric matrix with high chemisorption activity to a metal substrate. Modifying of the oligomeric matrix by active components with uncompensated charge leads to the formation of ordered areas at the interface “low-dimensional filler-matrix”. In composites, containing synthetic polytetrafluoroethylene thermogas dynamic products, synergistic effect is realized due to thermodynamic compatibility of oligomeric polar and nonpolar components and high-molecular particles with uncompensated charge. This ensures the formation of coating with improved adhesion, deformation strength and tribological characteristics parameters.

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Keywords Wear inhibitors, coatings, fluorine-containing components, nanoparticles
Pages 66-73
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