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Volume 2
Issue 2
Title Physical principles of nanoscale criterion selection for disperse particles
Author Valery Liopo
The article discusses the analysis of dimensional boundary between the nano- and macrostate and mathematical description of the nanoparticle term. Nanoparticle is a part of the substance, which has two main properties. First, the nanoparticle has a surface, and in a mixture with other substances it can be mechanically separated. The second characteristic feature of nanoparticle is the dependence of the numerical values of the physical properties on its size. When reducing the size of homogeneous material object, the parameters of its physical properties do not depend on the size up to a certain L0 value. If the size r0 , the parameters of the physical properties begin to change. Hence, there is a dimension boundary L0  between the macroscopic and nano-sized state.
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Keywords Nanoparticle, Debye temperature, quantum dimension effect, scale diapason
Pages 74-83
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