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Volume 2
Issue 2
Title The role of public-private partnership for effective technology transfer
Author Albena Vutsova
An effective technology transfer and the role of cooperation between the public and private sectors take a significant place in the modern development of economies based on knowledge. The rapid development of technology and innovation are the main features of this new content in their society. Economic changes due to innovation provoke important changes in policies and are significantly affected by the level of investments to sectors such as education and social science.
Innovative development is determined by the relationship between public and private sectors that ensures different degrees of competitiveness in vast areas of knowledge. In order to address global challenges that affect strongly social-economic development, different models of collaboration from the traditional ones are needed. Such is the PPP.
This article aims to analyze the different levels of development of public-private partnership and highlight its role in the implementation of technology transfer through introduction and implementation of new and / or more - custom models.

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Keywords Technology transfer, public-private partnership, public-private partnership, policies, effective models
Pages 11-18
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