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Volume 2
Issue 2
Title Temperature restrictions at generation of the second harmonica of powerful lasers in periodically polarized gradient crystals of LiNbO3
Author V. Galutskiy, E. Stroganova, Alexey Kozin, S. Shmargilov, N. Yakovenko
Abstract The research examines the possibility of increasing of Periodically poled lithium niobate (PPLN) converters efficiency due to application of gradient nonlinear and optical environments. Use efficiency for radiation transformation of the powerful continuous PPLN lasers made of gradient niobate lithium crystals, can be several times higher, than PPLN made of uniform traditional optically niobate lithium crystals. However, such high efficiency values of transformation are observed at gradient PPLN in more limited interval of rating capacities, than at PPLN made of optically uniform niobate lithium crystals because of possibility of nonlinear change of interacting waves phases difference.
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Keywords PPLN, gradient crystal, lithium niobate
Pages 84-89
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