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Volume 2
Issue 2
Online publication date 2014-03-25
Title Innovative component when developing design for the third generation self-destructing syringe with a small dead volume
Author Elena Zhuravleva, Natalya Procuk
Abstract According to the recent statistical observations, the number of suffering from use of disposable syringes grows every year. The self-destructing syringe of the third generation with small “the dead volume” is the medical product which design provides a safe injection and doesn't allow their reuse. At the present stage of medicine and healthcare development, application of disposable syringes with improved design - innovative syringes of the third generation (self-destructing syringes) - can provide avoidance of syringe reuse and safe resolution of negative implications related to use of traditional syringes.
Farm-monitor, 2012. Farm-monitor - analytics of pharmaceutical market, Periodical, Vol.1(4) 2012. Moscow

Ibragimov, U. and Latypov, A., 2012. “Types of needles and the syringes used by people, using injecting drugs, in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia: main results of an express assessment,” Vilnius:  Eurasian Harm Reduction Network

Keywords Innovation, design documentation, auto-disable syringe injection, III generation, low dead volume
Pages 97-98
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