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Volume 2
Issue 2
Online publication date 2014-03-25
Title Energy savings at the induction method of grain drying
Author Aybek Atykhanov, A. Sagyndikova
The most perspective method for grain drying and removing moisture is the induction method which remains little studied and rarely used in practice due to considerable imperfections in technologies of frequency convertors manufacturing. Nowadays enterprises in Kazakhstan practically do not use induction heaters as they are very expensive. Old lamp models of induction heaters are outdated and they are not manufactured Reduction of cost of the entire installation requires development and implementation of simple in design induction heaters.
Baum, A., 1983. Grain drying [in Russian], Moscow: Kolos

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Keywords Drying of grain, induction method, inductor, electricity, grain dryers
Pages 99-102
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