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Volume 2
Issue 2
Online publication date 2014-03-25
Title Environmental biotechnology and bio-energy studies in Kuban State University
Author Nikita Volchenko, Alexander Khudokormov, Andrey Samkov, Sergey Karasev, Maria Veselovskaya, Alexander Kalashnikov, Emma Karaseva
Abstract Kuban State University has a scientific school of microbiology and environmental biotechnology. Different strains of oil-degrading microorganisms were effectively used for oil-polluted wastes cleaning. Some new scientific directions develop intensively. Microbial fuel cells were developed for wastewater treatment and electric current generation. Microalgae were used as a source of lipids for biofuel.
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Keywords Bioremediation, oil-degrading microorganisms, microbial fuel cell, microalgae lipids
Pages 107-111
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