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Volume 2
Issue 2
Online publication date 2014-03-25
Title Complex processing of brown coals of Ukraine as the mean of improving investment attractiveness of the industry
Author Elena Gladun, Aleksandr Belov
Abstract Traditionally, brown coal was considered as one of the main raw materials of the fuel and energy complex (FEC) of the country. At the same time, brown as a valuable raw material in coal chemistry, against the depletion of resources and rising prices for oil and natural gas, has attracted increasing attention of specialists as the raw materials for the complex processing. It herewith is carried out the constant search for the optimal technologies both from the point of view of increasing technological efficiency and in terms of attracting investment. 
Belov, A., Gladun, P., Barna, T., Gladun, E., 2009. “On the question of realization energy saving technologies of processing brown coals”, Geolog of Ukraine, 3, pp.190-192

Shcendrik, T., Tamko, V., Barna, T., Gladun, P., 2008. “Complex approach to refining of brown coal of Ukraine”, 7-th European coal conference, Lviv, Ukraine, August 26-29, 2008, Abstracts, pp.105-107.

Keywords Brown coals, complex processing technologies, investment attractiveness, investment analysis, thermo-chemical processing, solid fuel minerals
Pages 112-122
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