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Volume 3
Issue 1
Title The "competence" and "competency" concepts in education management
Author Elena Butova
This paper discusses the concept of “competence” and “competency” in the context of pedagogical processes management. In this work, the author defines the two terms and provides a coherent discussion of their essence along with an explanation of their fundamental differences. By supporting the characterization of these related concepts by a brief historical review, the paper emphasizes the role of pedagogical management in modern education. Finally, the paper tries to define and describe a set of managerial competence characteristics of a teacher in the socio-psychological aspect.
Filippov, A., 2000. Management activity characteristics: Organizational psychology, Under the editorship of Vinokurov L., Skripnyuk I., SPb. Publishing house “Piter”

Kochetkov, V., 2002. Pedagogical management as a basis for realization of another educational level in a professional lyceum. Doctoral dissertation, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Potashnik, M., 1997. Managing a contemporary school: (questions and answers), Manual for principals of educational institutional and public education bodies, Moscow: New school
Keywords Competence, education system, pedagogical management
Pages 45-48
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