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Volume 3
Issue 1
Title Internal system of quality assurance at the University of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani” -UGJFA
Author Daut Islami, Linda Dula-Halilabazi, Abedin Sadrija
In order to ensure the internal quality of UGJFA during the academic year in the winter semester 2014/15 we have subscribed to the practice of distributing anonymous questionnaires to students so that students will be given a fair opportunity to evaluate the academic staff for the selectivity of their subjects. Questionnaires were distributed to the entire of 3153 students. The questionnaire was filled completely confidential and anonymous, in order to bear constructive results.

The questionnaires were divided into six separate categories the students had the opportunity to assess: Quality and the methods of teaching; Teaching materials; The process of teaching; Contribute of the student; Evaluation of practice activities; Evaluation of teachers.

Overall results from the evaluation of students through questionnaires shows in general that this form of evaluation is effective and successful, but must be accompanied by other forms such as focus groups, small group discussions etc. The data also provide the specific indicators ranging from the teacher, the provision of services in academic units and university policies in general.
Keywords University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani", quality, quality assurance, student, academic staff
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