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Volume 3
Issue 1
Title Development of quality assurance in the higher education in Russia in the context of globalisation
Author Vladimir Karelin, Elena Efimova, Petr Velichenkov
The article analyzes the specificity and tendencies of development of system of quality assurance of higher education in the Russian Federation. Authors discuss challenging issues of development of public and professional accreditation system and independent assessment of the quality of education in the context of integration into the global educational space, the distinctive features of the Russian system of quality assurance.
Currently, the Russian educational system is focused on implementation of both internal and external mechanisms to evaluate the quality of education. The challenge is to diversify these mechanisms and ensure their complementarity. The vector of development of quality assurance in Russia as a whole complies with European standards and guidelines. In addition to state assessment mechanisms for independent evaluation and public accreditation are being developed. Given the specificity of the Russian educational space, the process of full integration into the global educational system will take 5-10 years.

References Federal law No. 273-FL “On education in the Russian Federation” of 29/12/2012
Keywords Accreditation, independent evaluation, quality of education
Pages 109-117
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