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Volume 3
Issue 1
Title Role of quality indicators of the international activity of higher education institution in formation of its competitive strategy
Author Elena Gulicheva
The article describes disadvantages of existing approaches connected with the international methodic of estimation of quality of higher education institutions activity.  In the conditions of pervasive integration of the world community the role of the international activity of universities increases. It becomes the integral and escalating necessity which is expressed in the form of expansion and strengthening of contacts with foreign universities not only by general scientific interchange, but also by interchange of students for the period of their special preparation or current training. Key indicators of quality of such activity of universities become in one row with the main indicators of competitiveness of higher education institutions.
Agranovich, M.L., 2010. Internationalization of the higher education: Tendencies, strategy, scenarios of the future of higher education institutions, National Training Fund, Moscow: Logos

Asaul, A.N. and Kaparov, B.M., 2007. Management of higher education institution in the conditions of innovative economy, SPb: Gumanistika 

Keywords Internationalization of education, Russian educational services, systems of educational quality estimation
Pages 127-129
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