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Volume 4
Issue 1
Title OPEN CALL FOR PUBLICATIONS, CONFERENCE "4th Cross Industry Technology Transfer and Innovation Conference and Networking 2018 (TTI - 2018)". Deadline for full papers – July 23, 2018
Author TTI-2018 conference
Aim of the TTI Conference

Aim of the conference is to discuss theoretical issues and practical experience in technology transfer and innovation through various industry clusters. 
The conference brings together the administrators, managers, researchers and professional from high schools, research think tanks, business companies, governmental structures and nongovernmental institutions to provide comprehensive platform to share ideas and experiences.

Thematic areas of TTI Conference

The Conference covers various areas as Mechanical engineering and new materials; Transportation technologies; Biotechnology and medical technology; Nanotechnology; Ecology and environment; Information technology; Food industry; Textiles; Energy and renewable energy resources.

The following thematic sections form the focus areas of research and practical insights:

Technology and innovation policy framework
Academic and industry innovation case studies
Design and models of technology transfer. Stakeholders
Academic-based technology transfer
Technology transfer  and regional economy 
SME and  technology  transfer  potential

Other thematic areas and topics relevant to the field of the conference are welcome.  

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