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Volume 12
Issue 3
Online publication date 2012-11-23
Title Integrated treating quality indicator of gas from acid components in ethylene
Author Alisher Sultanov, Saidakbar Abdurakhimov, Zakirjan Salimov
Abstract Possibilities of the decision of compromise problems with use of complex indicators of quality for optimization of technological modes of clearing of raw gas in manufacture ethylene are resulted
Kafarov, V., 1976. Cybernetics methods in chemistry and chemical technologies [Metody kibernetiki v himii i himicheskoy tehnologii],in Russian, Edition 3, Moscow: Himia

OST, 1974. Industrial standard 51.40-74. Technical specifications. Natural gases transported through pipelines [Otraslevoy standart OST 51.40-74. Tehnicheskie usloviya. Prirodnye gazy transportiruemye po truboprovodu], in Russian, Moscow: Standards of 1974, p.11

OST, 1978. Industrial standard 5542-78. Technical specifications. Natural gas supplied to consumers [Tehnicheskie usloviya. Prirodnyj gaz, podavaemyj potrebitelyam], in Russian, Moscow: Standards of 1978, p.9

Panfilov, V., 1986. Scientific bases of development of processing line production [Nauchnye osnovy razvitiya tehnologicheskih liniy proizvodstv], in Russian, Moscow: Agropromizdat

Keywords Manufacture of ethylene, gas clearing, диоксид carbon, диоксид nitrogen, mercaptan, optimization, number of Wobbe, Harrington function
Pages 97-102
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