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Volume 13
Issue 1
Online publication date 2013-04-21
Title Credit and investment activities of commercial banks in Ukraine
Author Olga Zaslavska
Abstract The aim of the article is an examination of the credit and investment activities of commercial banks in Ukraine. Using the indicators of profitability the author has made an evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of credit and investment banking. There are also shown dynamics and structure of the Ukrainian banks credit portfolio. In the article are revealed trends and impacts on bank investment lending to the real sector of Ukrainian economy.
Association of Ukrainian Banks (AUB), 2006-2012. Indicators of banks’ activity  Retrieved 20.02.2013 from &Itemid=112

National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), 2013. “Credits granted by banks,” Bulletin of the National Bank of Ukraine, [Bulleten Nacionalnogo banka Ukrainy], in Russian, January

Zarov, I., 2011. “The system of indicators of external and internal evaluation of the effectiveness of a commercial bank,” Bulletin of the Samara State University of Economics, [Vestnik Samarskogo gosudarstvennogo ekonomicheskogo universiteta], in Russian, Vol.1(75), pp.20-23

Keywords Ukraine, commercial bank, investment banking, credit and investment activities, efficiency analysis, credit and investment portfolio, securities
Pages 26-32
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