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Volume 13
Issue 2
Online publication date 2013-07-16
Title Public debt management
Author Stevan Gaber, Ilija Gruevski, Vasilka Gaber
Abstract The paper generally describes the segment of public debt management or especially the structure of public debt. It focuses on different kinds of risks which present potential danger for the public debt explosion. It intends to explain the government goal for borrowing money at lowest rate and sustain the fiscal stability. Also, it explains some practical issues regarding this topic for Republic of Macedonia for the period from 2009-2011. In the process of research were implemented several qualitative methods.    
Alesina A., M. de Broeck, Prati, A., Tabellini, G., 1992. “Default risk on government debt in OECD countries,” in Economic Policy: A European Forum, pp.427-63

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Official Gazette of Macedonia, 2008. Law for public debt, Vol.88

Keywords Fiscal policy, public debt, risk, public debt management
Pages 12-18
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