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Volume 13
Issue 4
Online publication date 2013-11-05
Title Rationales of internationalization: Rethinking academic mobility
Author Vera Zabotkina
Abstract The paper addresses traditional and new models of academic mobility developed within Erasmus Mundus projects (“Triple I” and “Aurora”) at the Russian State University for the Humanities. We try to answer the question regarding the meaning of academic mobility in the 21st century. The focus is on the dynamics of academic mobility. Among the new models emphasis will be made on student mobility combined with traineeship, (work) placements, mobility between universities and enterprises and virtual mobility. The paper discuses on the problem of interconnection between mobility and employability of graduates. We will also attempt to analyze the quality as well as the main learning outcomes in such mobilities. We will end up with posing the multi-modal prospective to academic mobility. 
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Keywords Internationalization, mobility, virtual and socially responsible mobility, traineeship, quality, outcomes
Pages 59-66
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