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Volume 13
Issue 4
Online publication date 2013-11-05
Title Aspects of internationalization of Higher Education Institutions in Poland
Author Elżbieta Janczyk-Strzała, Jarosław Tomaszewski
Abstract In the last years the sector of non-public HEIs in Poland was very dynamic. Their attractiveness is demonstrated by a constantly growing number of schools and their increasing revenues. However, statistical forecasts show that within 10 next years the number of students will drop by around one third. Non-public HEIs will have to face growing competition which will not only be a result of the coming baby bust but also of a competition from foreign schools and from public HEIs. In order to grow further or only to keep their market position HEIs have to occur in the context of internationalization. Currently in Poland, seeing as these aspects is becoming increasingly important. But still, the Polish higher education system faces huge challenges. That’s why the article is dedicated to the selected aspects of the internationalization of Higher Education Institutions in Poland.
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Keywords Higher Education Institution, demographic changes in Poland, aspects of internationalization, academic staff and students mobility
Pages 67-73
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