Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business

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Volume 13
Issue 4
Online publication date 2013-11-05
Title Need for innovations in the publishing industry of Ukraine
Author Tetiana Onysenko
Abstract The successful functioning and development of the publishing enterprises requires an appropriate approach to strategy development and management of innovative potential. So, the purpose of the paper is to analyze some approaches in order to propose ways for implementing innovations in publishing industry in Ukraine.
Publishing and bookselling in Ukraine, 2012. Publishing and bookselling in Ukraine: Facts, trends and recommendations (A study conducted in 2012 ) [in Ukrainian], Kiev

Muller, M.V., 2012. “Theoretical aspects of innovative enterprise development", Research Proceedings, Vol.2(5), Issue3: Economic Science, pp.209-213

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Muraxovsky,  A., Buryak, S., 2013. “Analytical review of production of printed materials in 2012", Bulletin of Book Chamber, No.4, pp.1-8

Prygozhyn, A.,Y., 1989. Innovations: the incentives and disincentives [in Russian], Moscow: Poliizdat
Keywords Publishing house, book-publishing sector, classification of innovations, product and technological innovations, innovation, Ukraine
Pages 92-98
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