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Volume 2
Issue 2
Online publication date 2009-10-09
Title Socio-economic reforms of the 1920s as a preparation for the forthcoming «agrarian radicalism»
Author Roza Kadisova
Abstract The article considers socio-economic reforms of the 1920s in Kazakhstan as a preparation for the forthcoming «agrarian radicalism». Historiography still does not give any distinct conclusions on the question, whether the socio-economical reforms of the 1920s years allayed the problem of inequality in the aul. The author calls for a wider perception spectrum of the so-called Soviet experience of modernization the agrarian sphere of Kazakhstan.
Abylkhozhin, Zh.. “The traditional structure of Kazakhstan: social and economic aspects of functioning and transformation” (1920-1930), Almaty, 1991

Bander, M., 1956. The State Building in the Kazakh aul in 1926-1929, Almaty

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The History of Kazakhstan Soviet Socialist Republic (Socialism), Almaty, 1963

Keywords Socio-economic reforms, agrarian, radicalism, modernization
Pages 72-75
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