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Volume 2
Issue 2
Online publication date 2009-10-09
Title On economic-mathematical model for technology of differentiated application of fertilizers
Author Gennadiy Litchman, Sayahat Nukeshev
The paper studies agricultural crops’ yield depending on quality of entering of mineral fertilizers. It is established that determining  average productivity, under square-law dependence of yield on a dose, there is not necessity to set  the law of fertilizers distribution across the field and will be sufficient to know  expected value  D and standard deviation sD. The paper considers approaches to economic-mathematical model of optimization of fertilizers’ doses at the differentiated entering. The produced result provides a new approach to the quality control in technological process of fertilizers application. Also, it allows formulating requirements to perspective technical means used for entering of mineral fertilizers.

Keywords Soil fertility, mineral fertilizers, crop yield, response function
Pages 99-102
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