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Volume 2
Issue 2
Online publication date 2009-10-09
Title Use prospects in microelectronics for polycrystalline silicon film structures with p–n junction
Author Raimjon Aliev, Erkin Mutarov
Abstract The paper discusses perspectives of elaborating microelectronic and optoelectronic devices on polycrystalline silicon films. The I-V features of structures with p-n-junction, formed by using methods of р-type conductivity layer grow, thermal diffusion and ion-implantation of boron atoms into n-type polycrystalline silicon layer are compared. The I-V feature with S-form curve of the investigated structures conditioned by changing of the conductivities of base and grain boundaries under thermal processing are revealed.
Keywords Polycrystalline silicon, grain boundaries, ion-implantation, microelectronics, negative differential resistance, photodiode, I-V characteristics
Pages 106-109
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