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Volume 15
Issue 1
Online publication date 2015-04-15
Title Strategic issues of a value-added information system for higher education in Algeria
Author Radia Bernaoui, Rosa Issolah, Mohamed Hassoun
The lack of a structured memory device of the Algerian training and research, institutional fragmentation and the lack of visibility of the scientific production make difficult to promoting enhancement of national scientific pool and centers of competence. This dispersion of these resources, is totally at odds with the needs of the Algerian economy which that must be built in a sustainable way, based on the diversification of its wealth, integrating knowledge and research as a development capital.

In the agricultural sector, which is our study, Algeria must mobilize its research and training system to the service of its food sovereignty. In this perspective, an agro-biological network of many establishments of research and teaching think about a platform for management, sharing and enhancement of skills and research programs. This is answers the need of teachers, researchers and policy makers, who express by a national survey, their needs of enhancement of their production, in logic to make synergies with the economic sector. This is what we will discuss in our statement on the strategic issues of value-added information system of higher education service and development of economic in Algeria.
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Bernaoui,  R. et al., 2010. The information system of agronomic research in the interest of innovation. Towards a society of shared knowledge. In : IAALD XIIIth World Congress.  Agropolis International.  26-29 April 2010, Montpellier-France

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Excellence en science et en technologie dans la fonction publique. Rapport du conseil d’expert en science et technologie. Août, 2001, p.8. (Page consultée le 10/12/2013)

Law No.98-11 correspondent of August 22, 1998. Law of orientation and program with quinquennial projection on the scientific research and technological development 1998-2002
Keywords Higher education, scientific research, management of research, information system, Algeria
Pages 57-66
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