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Volume 15
Issue 1
Online publication date 2015-04-15
Title Intrapreneurship: Recommendations on introducing this mechanism in large companies of Uzbekistan
Author Azamat Oteuliev
Intrapreneurship is considered to be the most suitable mechanism for the efficient management to provide innovation activity and high competitiveness of large companies. This article researches the mechanism of decentralization of large state-owned companies in economically-developed countries as well it provides scientific foundations of the necessity of transition to the intrapreneurship mechanism which includes principles of internal entrepreneurship.  In addition, it studies economic results of financing process implemented while operating innovation projects on the example of large companies of Uzbekistan. We have analyzed NPV, IRR, PbP, sensitivity to main risks, difference between scenarios both with project realization and without project realization in oil and gas, energy and mining industries. Moreover, recommendations aimed at successful implementation of intrapreneurship in practice have been developed and possible ways to finance established intercompany entrepreneurship units have been proposed.
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Keywords Intrapreneurship, intrapreneur, intracapital, Uzbekistan, intercompany entrepreneurship
Pages 31-40
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